7 Ways To Know You’ve Got Really Great Weed

When you first enter the wonderful world of weed, you might not know if what you’re smoking is actually great. Eventually you get to the point where you can spot Transkei Weed on sight, but until then, here’s how you know if what you’re smoking is actually Transkei Weed.

The Smell
Transkei Weed is going to smell either really skunky, or fruity depending on the strain and whether it’s an *indica or a sativa. 'Jutt' weed is going to smell more more like dirt, mold, or possibly chemicals depending on how it was grown.
It’ll Be Covered In Crystals
Really dank bud is going to be covered in THC crystals. When you touch a nug of Transkei Weed your fingers should be covered in crystals, similar to the orange dust that covers your fingers after polishing off a bag of Cheetos. Crappy 'Jutt' cannabis, on the other hand, will not be covered in crystals.

No Stems Or Seeds
Dank greens will have hardly any stems and usually no seeds. You’re usually good to just drop a fresh nug right in your pipe, without grinding it. Dirt weed is filled with nothing but stems and seeds. You have to break it apart before you even consider smoking it, lest you accidentally smoke a seed and make the entire bowl taste like shit.

The Taste
The taste of your cannabis is a huge indicator of how dank it is. Super dank bud will taste delicious. Depending on if you’re smoking an indica or sativa it may taste slightly fruity. Hits of dank bud are smooth and you will definitely cough less. Dirt weed will taste like it smells: like dirt. Your hit will be very harsh and you will definitely cough a lot.

The High
The high that you get from some really dank bud is undeniably better, than a high from dirt weed. A dank high is much cleaner feeling and way more relaxing. Mentally and physically you feel amazing. The high from dirt weed does not even come close to a dank high. Dirt weed usually just makes you feel kinda high for twenty minutes, and then it always turned into a headache for me.

The Color
Dank bud will mainly be bright green with some purple and orange mixed in, depending on the strain. Dank will be very pretty to look it, from both the color and the crystals. If your bud is brightly colored and it glitters, then you’ve for sure got some good dank. Dirt weed will be more brown than green and it won’t be that pleasant to look at.

The Texture
Transkei Weed are going to be sticky and somewhat moist, which is one of the reasons it’s called dank. You might have heard people say that their cannabis is so sticky, that it sticks to the wall. One time, I actually did come across some super dank bud that really did stick to my wall for a second. That was some good grass. In contrast, dirt weed will be really dry and crumble when you touch it.
It’s usually pretty obvious if you’re smoking Transkei Weed, but sometimes you get some cannabis that looks pretty alright and then it turns out to be some of the nastiest you’ve ever smoked. Luckily, now you know what to look for.

Courtesy: Midopeamine.com