Free Advertising for Startups & Small BusinessTRANSKEI Inc. would be honored if you would consider placing advertising for your new business or existing business in our website. We will incorporate your adverts in our multiple social network pages and blogs. 

There are a few T&C (Terms and Conditions) These are as follows. We may require proof a copy of your SA identification or other documentation this is for the protection of our readers. 

You are welcome to complete the form below or email us

Please understand that this offer is primarily for those individuals or small companies that otherwise would not be able to afford international exposure.

If you are a licensed fisherman and would like to take tourists fishing or if you have grown up in the Eastern Cape and you know the land the valley and hills and are interested in offering your services as a guide to tourists.

Please let us know what language you speak as many tourists may not understand English.


Whatever you would like to advertise please contact us. We have many inquiries for accommodation from one night to 1 year let us know and please let us have as much detail as possible including photos as photos give a very good idea of what you are offering.

Please also remember in most cases we will have one of our agents come and meet you this will help you as we can offer professional photos and can add information with GPS coordinates etc.

We reserve the right to not advertise your products and or service as our agents have to be 100% convinced that our readers safety and enjoyment is of primary concern.

We would like to assist you but we will not take any chances; so please be honest and once everything has been verified and checked out.Your in business.


Please get in touch!