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We grow & produce medical quality cannabis, cannabis oil & related products for our partners around the world. We are the official Transkei Co-op; enabling thousands of growers access to our global platform in order to maximize their production & realize this opportunity in the form of improving production and realizing a higher sale price.

We do not charge our members a fee or percentage for listing or utilizing our global infrastructure & network. There only condition is becoming legal thus increasing the governments tax base and hiring employees in order to reduce the unemployment by half within 2 years. Currently we are experiencing unemployment of up to 60% in these regions.

Our brands include Transkei Fire™Transkei Poison™ & Transkei Lights™

This region is unlike the rest of SA as it lacks the infrastructure including rail and road networks. Getting around is slow in a 4x4 vehicle.  

Simply put there are no industrial or commercial development & no pollution whatsoever.

Our production takes place on virgin land with mountain magical water and soil so full of minerals that scientists have been flooding here for 100’s of years. They claim the region is unique as you time travel into the distant past. The ground and clean water is like it was 1000 years ago.

Unlike most oil that is produced using alcohol and the common cannabis our oils are produced with our own branded cannabis. We have 4 varieties of Sativa.

Per current research the best oil for pain management and cancer contains at least 70% - 80% CBD’s and 20-30% THC. The reason for this unknow by many is a small amount of the THC (The active ingredient) that makes one stoned is necessary in small quantities in the oil this helps to activate the healing properties known as a group as the CBD’s

All our oils are tested in Johannesburg, South Africa by at least 2 independent medical professionals. We do this with each litre of oil or per pressing. Nothing is offered for sale before it has been tested and sampled for consistency.

Rural Transkei is by far the best place to produce cannabis. Climate (Semi tropical) - Tropical with light non-humid winds. The cannabis growth rate is very high without any loss of quality.

We only supply medical practitioners or those requiring cannabis treatment. As per soon to be published government requirements we sell at cost plus basic costs. We do not earn salaries.   Brand: Transkei Pharmaceutical, Inc.


Our prices are the lowest in SA for high quality products *ZAR 179.99 per ml. *Quantity.

Transkei Fire & Transkei lights are usually blended to get the 80% - 20% We also produce bespoke products contact us for details. Email:

Weeds are not Weed!

Our cannabis is not a ‘Hardy’ weed often preferred as it can survive attacks of poison. Unfortunately; this type of weed lacks the required active ingredient for medical use. This is the most often used cannabis as it is very cheap. The same for leisure use. It is the poor man’s plant.

The Transkei Group: Community Empowerment.

The Transkei Group:, assists the local growers and operates in unity this provides many benefits to the local community besides establishing legitimate business that create the sustainable employment needed. While unemployment is consistently 60+%

Thus, our purpose is very clear. The most challenging part of our job is dealing with archaic belief systems found in many departments of the South African Government, the red-tape, the trademark office still operating against SA business.

Our Challenges & Archaic Government Beliefs.

Imagine France not allowing their local community or business to secure the use of the mark /brand ‘Bordeaux’ or ‘Champagne’ you getting the picture as this is exactly the current issue’s limiting business.

It is one thing if government cannot provide the employment that is so desperately & urgently required for our very survival. Quite another if it gets in the way & prevents small business developing due to individual limitations and biases.  

Our government burns 100’s of tonnes of cannabis produced by the poorest communities.


The Transkei Group.


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