The Durban Poison Co-operative  

The Durban Poison Co-operative (Co-op) l Dagga Co-op. 

The Dagga Co-op (Durban Poison Co-op)

Dagga Mail and DaggaM are the (Official) email provided to all members (shareholders) of the Dagga Co-op. Members also own the same equity in all the subsidiaries of the Co-op. SA famous brands and multiple trademarks. 
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The (Official) Dagga Co-op. Is based on the KWV business model when founded in 1918 literally saved the grape wine & brandy industries in SA. Due to the greed and ambition and little business knowledge profiteers used fear tactics to purchase wines at a price that was way below the cost of production. Furthermore, the local market was just too small to warrant production. It was KWV that realized some basic truths. Competition in the global market place. Within a few years of uniting the producer's SA was on the world map.
This resulted in the least successful producers (member) experienced more success than the most successful local producer locally.
Currently, we are still looking for 2000 paid members. Due to the economic empowerment endeavor shares already worth over ZAR 10 000.00 is available for ZAR 100.00

Get exclusive distribution for all South African weed, medical & industrial products. 

With thousands of members, we can guarantee quality, quantity, and delivery. With our famous Sativa & global trademarks, you can get exclusive distribution and use of brands like Durban Poison, Pondo Poison, Transkei Fire & Transkei Vape to name a few.   

Durban & Transkei Poison ZA™ Durban Poison Co-op. (Dagga Co-op.) The Transkei Group™ & SACEED ‘SA ‘Cannabis Economic Empowerment’ & Development. 15 000 miles2 of probably the most pristine, unspoiled, unpolluted 'Cannabis Eden' on Earth! 

Mandated by Nelson Mandela. Copyright & Trademarks © 1985 -2019 Durban Poison™ Organization.

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