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TRANSKEI the most Trusted Brand of Medical Marijuana in the World. We can supply almost any amount of the finest Grade Cannabis. 
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Coming Soon. TRANSKEI, Inc. Marijuana / Cannabis Trading & Exchange 

To our knowledge we are the largest 43,798 km² (16,911 sq mi) place on earth with such a huge network of (Partner) growers.

Our primary endeavor is offering our services to private entrepreneurs in over an area of 43,798 km² (16,911 sq mi) who trust us to speak on their behalf.

TO ENGAGE with all types of organizations to promote and distribute this natural plant and oil for the benefit of All.

We have a huge responsibility we have an area 43,798 km² (16,911 sq mi) & are thus responsible to all the inhabitants of this region to offer them all the possible means of improvement.

All who have their roots in this region are welcome to our assistance & protection.

TRANSKEI, Inc. We are based in South Africa. 

We may be 'owned' by our thousands of members. We are in effect the largest Cannabis producer private area of growth  by 43,798 km²(16,911 sq mi)

TRANSKEI is a Randmint Adventure Brand. The Official Website is ‘Non Profit’ - All proceeds are for the Community:

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TRANSKEI, Inc. is the name of our business organization. (Non Profit) - We are organized & managed as one would expect from a profitable private enterprise. 

Cannabis plant may offers a variety of medical, physiological & pharmaceutical uses:  Pain-management. Eating disorders, Depression, Anti-aging & Brain-cell regeneration. Besides the various recreational uses, it may even help with

'Anni-Mary-Infedellio'' This is mot in the medical text books, we have derived this term & use it to describe a Narcissistic with 'Death related' Sexual addiction. (Usually found in woman) 'The common sex addict' with a severe Narcissistic mood disorder.

One must also understand the coastline & estuaries offer an almost undamaged ecosystem; this unharmed region in itself has many benefits to offer.

We hope this Eco-development and education; offered by our facility will encourage small business & off some much needed Eco-growth in what is commonly know as the poorest region of Southern Africa.

For the present-day, see 'The Wild Coast' in the Eastern Cape, South Africa: Eastern Cape. - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Is the name of Our Company it is our Brand Name and it will at least begin the Journey of Transformation of the Now Poorest Region of SA. into a Eco-Powerhouse!  

Our Company:

TRANSKEI™ is primarily a Cannabis trading platform & Medical Cannabis Club.

Some of our soon to be developed domains: & the

Take President Mandela as an example. He was born and raised playing in these natural rivers and lakes.

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The www.Transkei.Club is for the purchaser of Medical offering the highest quality & consistency of naturally grown Cannabis we believe in the World.

Members also have access to our products & services.

We represent hundreds of entrepreneurs; by joining us they receive much needed resources & a voice to speak on their behalf.  This enables or allows them to follow their passion and serves to even out the playing field.

We only work with growers along the ‘Wild Coast’ as from our R&D we believe there is a type of magic this being reported from many private scientists who have been to this regions soil & water.

These test are continuous & the simple explanation to our products success, is the natural anti-aging properties. Another benefit we have found is there is a general increase of mental agility, many people living well into their nineties without much or any modern medicine.

Take President Mandela as an example. He was born and raised playing in these natural rivers and lakes.

By offering these resources we are able to control the quality of output, we believe this is one of the vital areas of concern with Cannabis & related products.

We are Non Profit; any profit may be shared & invested in new business, whenever possible besides the (No interest) micro-loans made to our growers / partners and this investment does not incur any interest. We do require these funds & fully repaid otherwise we could create a huge mess of fake entrepreneurs.

Profit is shared annually as an entity so it is in the interest of all ‘Growholders’ to repay their loans as their share of profit would be the larger amount. We also offer membership the directly related industries for example transport companies & our latest member ‘Your Global Mobile Network’

theirs is a philanthropic direction we hope this will include Free internet in key regions of SA. The Community share going towards building schools, hospitals etc.

All TRANSKEI™ branded products are only available from our Official Website. (Below) TRANSKEI™ - Our Brands include but are not limited to:

Transkei - Tannabis, ‘Cannabis you can Trust’ - Casmetics ‘Anti-aging & Cosmetics’ & Transkei Poison. ‘The finest Cannabis in the World’

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Just to put on record this region is Named the 'Wild Coast' for a reason.

Please have a look at the many beautiful resorts & activities listed under the Header 'The Wild Coast' 

A wonderful place to visit, its wild, see the sea & sky, the night sky 'astro-photography' An Eden. Fly your drone without limitation. A 4x4 off-road heaven.

Wide open places that still have not been explored. I highly recommend it.

A long time ago.

These are products and services that will be used to empower those who have been historically disadvantaged.

The Old Transkei: 

The Transkei (/trɑːnsˈkeɪ/ or /trɑːnsˈkaɪ/, meaning the area beyond [the river] Kei), officially the Republic of Transkei (Xhosa: iRiphabliki yeTranskei), was a Bantustan -an area set aside for members of a specific ethnicity—and nominal parliamentary democracy in the southeastern region of South Africa. Its capital was Umtata,[2] which was renamed Mthatha in 2004.

'Transkei' represented a significant precedent and historic turning point in South Africa's policy of apartheid and "separate development"; it was the first of four territories to be declared independent of South Africa. Throughout its existence, it remained an internationally unrecognised, diplomatically isolated, politically unstable de facto one-party state, which at one point broke relations with South Africa, the only country that acknowledged it as a legal entity. In 1994,

It was reintegrated into its larger neighbor and became part thereof; the Eastern Cape province.




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 TRANSKEI is a Randmint Inc. Adventure Brand. The Official Website is ‘Non Profit’ - All proceeds are for the Community:


This Endeavor is the Brainchild a the Randmint Inc. 'Adventure Brands' A ‘Non Profit’ - initiative and proceeds if any are for the betterment of All.




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Randmint 'R.M.R',  800BCE, Pamp & Argor are brands created by Randmint Inc. South Africa.

Origin of the word Mint

(Gr. heduosmon, i.e., "having a sweet smell"), one of the garden herbs ofwhich the Pharisees paid tithes (Matt. 23:23; Luke 11:42). It belongs to thelabiate family of plants. The species most common in Syria is the Menthasylvestris, the wild mint, which grows much larger than the garden mint (M.sativa). It was much used in domestic economy as a condiment, and alsoas a medicine. The paying of tithes of mint was in accordance with theMosiac law (Deut. 14:22), but the error of the Pharisees lay in their beingmore careful about this little matter of the mint than about weightiermatters. 

Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary
Later 'Mint' refers to a place where something is produced or manufactured.
Origin of the word Rand
1960-65; < Afrikaans, after The Rand (Witwatersrand), a major gold mining area.
the Rand, short for Witwatersrand


a rocky ridge in NE South Africa: contains the richest gold deposits in the world, also coal and manganese; chief industrial centre is Johannesburg. Height: 1500–1800 m (5000–6000 ft) Also called the Rand.
Later 'Rand' the standard monetary unit of the Republic of South Africa, divided into 100 cents



Origin for word Pamp

South Africa

From the word Pap a soft porridge or Pamp a porridge made from *Maize. Pamp was the staple food of the gold miners a porridge made from Maize (Pap) that is cooked on a low heat for a long time until it becomes very thick and is still referred to Pap or once hardened Papp or Pamp.

Origin for word Argor